Founders who've scaled. Founders still striving.

What could you achieve if you knew the secrets and strategies of the Founders who've already achieved scale? Join Sean Steele as he interviews the Founders who've made it, learns from industry experts, and follows a group of Founders still striving to scale.

Latest Episodes

EP63: Strategy and Execution, Made Simple.

John Spence, Top Hunt 100 business thinker, shares the most important lesson you need to learn if you want to be a successful leader.
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EP62: Developing a Growth Strategy for Your Business

Leading strategist Rosie Yeo shares the alchemy needed to uncover bold ideas and build a powerful business strategy.
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EP61: How NOT to Screw Up that Acquisition You Just Made, or Want to Make - Nicola Fowkes

Nicola Fowkes, General Manager of Operations at EdventureCo, shares the best way to merge teams and manage people in an acquisition, and the mistakes leaders tend to make.
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EP60: 2022 Flashback - Best Clips on Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Top Talent

SEAN STEELE REFLECTS ON THE BEST INTERVIEWS TO BUILD AN A+ TEAM • For our last episode of 2022, we look back at some of the most memorable interviews packed with sage business advice on building a winning leadership team.
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EP59: End of Year Reflection Questions for Founders, For a Bigger & Better 2023

Sean runs through the 4 areas you should evaluate, to set yourself up for success and business growth in 2023.
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About Your Host, Sean Steele

Sean has led several education businesses through various growth stages including 0-3m, 1-6m, 3-50m and 80m-120m.  He's evaluated over 200 M&A deals and integrated or started 7 brands within larger structures since 2012.  Sean's experience in building the foundations of organisations to enable scale uniquely positions him to host the ScaleUps podcast.

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