Growth Mentor for Scale-Ups

Sean is an experienced and professional CEO, Growth Mentor and Advisory Board Chair primarily for Founders of companies with 2m-10m in revenue striving to scale.  His core strengths are vision, strategy, execution, culture and alignment.

The Driving Force Behind the ScaleUps Podcast, and Sean Steele

  • Businesses failing to scale is the biggest stealer of value from consumers and businesses, globally
  • When businesses with great products and services that create real value don’t succeed in scaling quickly, competitors with inferior options who are better at growing businesses end up securing market share
  • The outcome? The business fails to fulfil its potential impact in the world, and the Founder(s) fail to achieve their dreams
  • In my experience, Founders who have healthy 2m-10m (often 5-19 employees) businesses who are striving to scale for the first time hit the natural limits of their knowledge in how to scale an organisation somewhere during this growth stage
  • They don't want to waste time on trial and error, they want to increase confidence in their decisions about what steps to take next
  • That's why I do what I do ( and that's why I developed this podcast
  • I want to see Founders who have something great to offer the world succeed in scaling their business so they fulfil their personal and business potential and maximise the value and positive impact they can create in the world
  • Building a business around a great product or service, getting some customers, some revenue and a frontline team isn't easy... but the challenge pales in comparison to then scaling an organisation.  If you haven't done it before, there's a lot to know and those who have done it before, know what I mean
  • Unpacking the secrets and critical moments that changed the dial for the Founders who've scaled, and sharing knowledge from experts with practical tools and frameworks can help striving Founders reduce the time it takes, and hopefully some of the inevitable stress, to achieve their goals

Where You Will Find Me

  • If you're looking to connect with me you'll find me most active on LinkedIn, presenting at education events and summits or attending events or learning experiences with peers
  • If not there, I'm playing volleyball on a beach somewhere in South East QLD, exercising, snowboarding or having fun with my beautiful wife and two teenage sons

Our Community

  • The ScaleUps Podcast community is made up primarily of small business owners with 2m-10m in revenue, or 5-19 full-time equivalent staff.  They're typically 60-65% male, 35-40% female (I'm very keen to support and see this continue to grow) and 30-59 years old.
  • They're succeeding already, but are aware that they don't know what they don't know... and they want to know more.  They already know how to build a business, but they don't have the experience in developing the strategies and foundations necessary to navigate the path from small business (<10m or 19 FTE) to an organisation that's scaling (>20m or >40 FTE).

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In addition to Mentoring and Advisory Boards I am regularly invited to speak or consult on scaling or buying education businesses.


An in-depth discussion on the role of Advisory Boards in the context of Mergers and Acquisitions activity.

Hosted by Advisory Board Centre


A conversation on how VET is changing and a case study on delivering globally recognised, industry-certified technology skills offshore.

Hosted by Claire Field and Associates

edtech summit

New skills will be required to respond to a changing economy domestically and globally. An interview exploring international reskilling and upskilling trends.

Hosted by Edugrowth

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  • An opportunity to work together on something exciting, or
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